Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

Book is published!

UPDATE UPDATE!!! My book is now (17th November 2022) also available on at the below link  

at same price as on - USD 40.00. Blurb is located around the world so you can also order the book from a Blurb-site nearer to your country and closer to your home address. It only takes Blurb 5 business days to produce the book and a couple of days to send it to you. On Amazon - at the moment - it will take somewhat longer for them to ship it. As soon as the price is lowered on Amazon it will be lowered here as well.

It will still be available on AMAZON and other online bookstores.

Title is "Other Civilizations: journey to another star system" on Amazon and online bookstores and on BLURB only "Other Civilizations".

A preview of the first 15 pages of the book may be found here  - (click the "preview" - then click the book to scroll the pages). 

All the best