Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

Other enhanced photos of Adamski

The 20th November 1952 contact - new addition is Brownie frame 1

The three frames below were taken by George Adamski. The first one through his telescope and the next two with a Kodak Brownie camera. They were taken before the actual contact took place. I have removed the second Brownie photo.

This photo is a shot of the craft as it was moving away - after it had "posed" for a period of time for George Adamski in a small gully where Adamski was standing. He quickly used his Ihagee-Dresden Graflex camera attached to his reflector telescope (he took 7 photos in all with this setup) to take this successful shot before it "repositioned" itself (see photo above) although it is very blurry. This is the photo which was shown in the newspaper article some days after the desert events. I have done the best enhancements possible and the photo clearly shows a craft structure and the three "balls" underneath.

Brownie frame 1 - first image taken with the Brownie camera

This is the first photo taken with the Brownie camera on 20th November 1952 by Adamski. The three (Lucy Mcginnis, Al Bailey and George Adamski) had just arrived at the "suitable spot for Adamski" and beginning to set up the telescope and boxes for Adamski. In the upper left corner and to the right above the mountain rim - several things are going on. Also in the center (somewhat to the left) a bright reflection can be seen.

Things were already in motion at that time.

Zoomed version of the upper left corner of Brownie photo 1

Reflection in the hill-side just in the middle of the photograph. Appears to be a craft behind the hill.

Lower object of the three in the upper left hand corner of Brownie photo 1

Upper right hand corner of two lights just above the mountain range/hill. Best enhancement - the objects appear to be spherical objects - perhaps monitoring the situation.

The fourth Brownie image (enhancement and enlargement)

The fourth Brownie image just before the "person" waved to Adamski.




Zoomed picture of the "person"