Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

George Adamski

Five stills images from the Silver Spring movie - processed in Photoshop

The last film which George Adamski took was in February 1965 at the Rodeffer house in Maryland.

He was a guest at the house of Nelson and Madeleine Rodeffer – in preparation for a press conference to show his latest films at the Mayflower Hotel on March 9th.

Friday the 26th February in the morning – George was alerted by a visitor who told “them to be ready with cameras” as they would be flying by.

When the time came later in the afternoon – only the 8mm film camera of Madeleine was used during the excitement. George’s 16 mm camera was not used.

As Madeleine was too nervous to use the 8mm camera – George took over and filmed the craft which was approaching the Rodeffer house.

The film shows a craft very close to the house making manoeuvres – in which some of the craft “bends” or is being effected by a field of some sorts which envelopes the craft.

It is an impressive film and it has been subjected to many tests and is in general considered a very real film of a craft.

I have selected five still images from the movie which has been enhanced and subjected to clean-ups and enlargements to better show the details of the craft.

I will show each of the original frames from the film and the enhanced versions next to them.

First frame from Silver Spring film and the enhanced version.

On the left the orig. frame from the film and on the right the enhanced version - among other things the portholes in the cabin are clearly visible and the 3D form of the craft.

Second original image and the enhanced version

Third original image and the enhanced version

Fourth original image and the enhanced version

Fifth original image and the enhanced version