Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

I will begin a Youtube channel in December/January 2022/2023

The content of the Youtube channel will be related to extraterrestrial topics - such as 

1) The Contactees - not experiencers or abductees

2) Who are the E.T.´s?

3) Where are they from?

4) Their Contact Program on Earth and other inhabited worlds in the Universe

5) Space and Time

6) Gravity propulsion and use of gravity in construction on planets

7) Life of an extraterrestrial (human-looking) - Food, work, family, culture, telepathy and many other subjects

8) Life among the stars - helping each other as civilizations

9) The Intelligence agencies and their knowledge of what is going on.

These are some of the subjects which I will begin with. There is plenty to talk about.

When we get closer to the publication of topics on the channel I will update via my homepage here.

Best wishes