Rene Erik Olsen

Painter, Photographer and Researcher

Apollo 14 return to Earth - command capsule in the clouds - descending to surface

From the original material taken during Apollo 14 - in January 1971 - command module is seen hanging from its three shutes descending slowly towards the water. In this image - in the clouds "below" (behind) the command capsule - a 90 degree-angled cloud (or hole in the cloud) can be seen. Now that is an anomaly if I have ever seen one! - At the time it was postulated by many that the American Space Program was followed and observed by ET's.

If you study the whole film-clip (which is taken from inside a rescue helicopter) the person filming this descend clearly sees something in the viewfinder, and tries to cover it up by moving the camera further into the helicopter - in that way obscuring what is seen in the clouds.

I guess what we see could be a large craft (cigar-shaped) following the descent.

Back in those days, a lot of things happened "openly" so to speak - Not like today where everything is covered up as much as possible.

See what you make of this image - Click the image to download - 1750 pixels by 1200 pixels - 300 dpi.


Copyright - NASA - Spacecraft films - and Rene Erik Olsen (enhancement).



movie sequence Landing of Apollo 14 with strange shadow in the clouds. Look how the cameraman tries

Apollo 14 - before splashdown

Cameraman sees object and moves camera into the helicopter to hide this fact.